Připravujeme luxusní krátkodobé i dlouhodobé pronájmy s kompletním servisem v Chomutově.



Overview of sections

The development of the company so far

During the company’s transformation the Board of Directors at RESTAMO HOLDING a.s. drew on the prerequisites and traditions of a privatised company based on the capacities of current auxiliary construction production operation and on the ownership of a complex that spread over some 50 000 m2. The complex is made up of a series of production halls, administrative buildings, large-scale warehouses, garages, and handling areas.

The location of the RESTAMO HOLDING a.s. complex by the main road from Prague to Chomutov to Chemnitz, its close proximity to the centre of the town of Chomutov, and the character of the entry area to the complex gave rise to the idea to revitalise the complex, with emphasis on the establishment of an industrial centre.

The main aim is to redevelop and use company investment to construct production halls and subsequently rent them out. A number of prominent companies currently operate within the company’s complex. These companies have created around 750 jobs.